A critical initiative of the IC3 Movement’s mission to bring counseling in every school, the IC3 Regional Forums are in-person events organized by the IC3 Regional Committees and bring together leadership and staff from high schools in local regions for a focused dialogue on the significance of career and college counseling as an integral function in schools. Hosted at local high schools, the IC3 Regional Forums enable access to learning, knowledge creation and sharing, networking within the community and with global universities for hundreds of schools that have limited resources for travel and training of their principals, teachers, and counselors.

Through the IC3 Regional Forums, IC3 Institute, Annual IC3 Conference, and IC3 Live, the IC3 Movement envisions that every high school globally will run a robust, well-resourced career and college counseling office.

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2023 IC3 Regional Forums

January – June
In-person in 30 cities globally
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A series of up to 30 one-day regional events, the IC3 Regional Forums will be held in high schools across multiple cities and countries. The events will consist of knowledge-sharing sessions and dialogue on career and college counseling, and planned networking between local high schools and global universities.
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Benefits for High School Counselors / Teachers
The IC3 Regional Forums provide an outstanding opportunity for the professional development of high school delegates.
  • Learn about best practices in the field of career and college counseling
  • Learn about country-level systems and opportunities for students to apply to best-fit universities by country
  • Examine the tools that leading schools globally are using to help guide students and their families through the processes of learning about career options and finding best-fit undergraduate opportunities
  • Develop meaningful relationships with colleagues in the region
  • Build a valuable network with visiting/ participating global university representatives
  • Teachers get to learn about the relevance of their subjects with future careers
  • Participate in transformative dialogue on how best to support students
  • Receive an e-certificate of participation from IC3

Benefits for University Representatives

  • Develop valuable relationships through meeting and networking with a variety of local school leadership, counselors, and teachers
  • Learn about emerging trends at the local level, including: how are students and their families preparing for selecting and applying to a best-fit university? What subjects and majors are most popular? What common questions do counselors/teachers hear, and what types of information can help them best serve students and families?
  • Develop an understanding of various curricula in the region to ensure recruitment and admission practices are based on a sound and practical knowledge of the local high school education landscape

Benefits for Organizational Delegates

  • Develop valuable relationships with leading regional high schools globally, and meet global higher education institutions
  • Increase the visibility of your organization
  • Showcase your value-added solutions at a time when increasing numbers of regional high school students are searching for best-fit opportunities to pursue their education and career aspirations

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