About IC3 Regional Forums

About the IC3 Regional Forums

A critical initiative of the IC3 Movement’s mission to bring counseling in every school, the IC3 Regional Forums are in-person events organized by the IC3 Regional Committees and bring together leadership and staff from high schools in local regions for a focused dialogue on the significance of career and college counseling as an integral function in schools. Hosted at local high schools, the IC3 Regional Forums enable access to learning, knowledge creation and sharing, networking within the community and with global universities for hundreds of schools that have limited resources for travel and training of their principals, teachers, and counselors.

Through the IC3 Regional Forums, IC3 Institute, Annual IC3 Conference, and IC3 Live, the IC3 Movement envisions that every high school globally will run a robust, well-resourced career and college counseling office.

2022 IC3 Regional Forums

February — July 2022
In-person in 30 cities globally

Theme: Access

A series of up to 30 one-day regional events, the 2022 IC3 Regional Forums will be held in high schools across multiple cities and countries. The events will consist of knowledge-sharing sessions and dialogue on career and college counseling, and planned networking between local high schools and global universities. They will also include accompanying Virtual Fair & Symposium Events (powered by WebiFair® Events) to support participating local high schools by bringing their students and parents critical and direct access to global universities to help with their career decision-making process. Traditionally held in-person, in 2022, the fair and symposium events will be held in a virtual format, making them accessible to university admission representatives unable to travel in the current environment.
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2022 IC3 Regional Forums Program

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