Why attend an IC3 Regional Forum?


When you attend an IC3 Regional Forum, you receive first-hand knowledge of how families and students prepare for college. You also gain a better understanding of what it takes to operate a career and college counseling department. This makes it possible for you to share and implement this information, enabling you to perform your job more efficiently and with greater ... Read More

Why do we need career and college counseling for our students?


Career and college counseling can be life-changing and is necessary for all students to help them understand their strengths and weaknesses, choose a well-suited career path, and interpret changing professional environments. Without a career and college counselor to guide them, students will be unaware of the vast array of opportunities that exist both locally and abroad, thus falling into a ... Read More

Who can attend the IC3 Regional Forums?

IC3 Website

Full-time high school college and career counselors/teachers and leadership, university representatives, and approved organization delegates may register.