Do I need a passport and visa to attend an IC3 Regional Forum?


If you are not a citizen of the country in which the IC3 Regional Forum is held, you may need a visa to enter the country. For more information on requirements and visa types, check with that country's embassy or consulate. For IC3 Regional Forums in India, some nationalities can apply for an e-visa. Please read about the different e-visa ... Read More

As a University Delegate, will we get to meet students and parents at the IC3 Regional Forums, and will they be from the same school or other schools in the area?

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Some of the IC3 Regional Forums will include a university fair, where the host school will invite students and/or parents from their school as well as other schools in the city/region. This may not be available at every IC3 Regional Forum. In select cities, the IC3 Regional Forums Host School Committee will also facilitate visits for university representatives to two ... Read More

What is the format of an IC3 Regional Forum?

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The IC3 Regional Forum is a one-day event to bring together school leaders, college counselors and teachers, university representatives and selected organizations to discuss counseling and admissions practices. A typical schedule will include: 4 to 5 breakout sessions 2 networking breaks Networking lunch Opening and closing address University fair (optional)