The health and safety of our community are paramount at the
2022 IC3 Regional Forums.

The need for in-person professional and social connections is stronger than ever. As you consider your registration options, we understand that you may wish to be extra cautious about attending an in-person event at this time and assure you that we are committed to maintaining a safe in-person event experience for all participants.

Primary Health & Safety Measures For All Attendees

All delegates attending in-person will need to submit either a negative COVID-19 RT-PCR test report, from no more than 48 hours before checking-in at an IC3 Regional Forum venue or a final vaccination certificate from a minimum of 15 days prior, confirming that they are fully vaccinated
Upon check-in at the venue, all delegates attending in-person will need to give a written confirmation that they have not tested positive or possibly been exposed to the COVID-19 virus within the then prior 14 days, and assuring compliance with all health and safety protocols
Domestic and international travelers must independently research and adhere to all travel policies and protocols required by airlines, travel providers, and customs and immigration authorities, if applicable. Delegates need to keep themselves updated on current travel policies and protocols as applicable.

General Health & Safety Protocols

There will be strict compliance with local and national policies, as well as those enforced by the host school venue
There will be regular health screenings, thermal and other, upon entry to the venue
Mask/face covering must be worn at all times, covering nose and mouth will be essential
Participants will need to practice social distancing by maintaining a 6 feet distance from one another
Onsite safety-check and testing may be in practice and will need cooperation from the attendees
In addition to local and national health and safety policies, IC3 and the host schools will remain prepared to go above and beyond to ensure maximum safety measures for the community
Note: These health & safety measures are based on the current situation of the COVID-19 pandemic. These are subject to change based on local or national policies depending on the prevailing environment. Please contact in case of specific queries.